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  • Tethyr

    Tiefling Capital

    A gritty city on the northern edge of the great desert, Tethyr sits upon a wasteland. Only made livable by a nearby lake the Tieflings scrape a life out of the hardships of the desert. Tethyr has little trade and produces virtually …

  • Tiefling

    Heirs to an ancient, infernal bloodline, tieflings have no realms of their own but instead live within human kingdoms and cities. They are descended from human nobles who bargained with dark powers, and long ago their empire subjugated half the world. …

  • Kirra

    Raised in the shadows by her outcast parents, Kirra learned at a young age that polite society would never accept her because of her Tiefling heritage. Her natural talents led her easily into a life as a thief for hire. Her rage at her forced …

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