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  • Teirm

    Dwarven Capital

    The city of Teirm was carved out of the Dragonsword mountains many years ago. The halls of the great dwarven city are epic in scope and filled with men women and children always busy moving from one task to another. Teirm’s main …

  • Dwarf

    Carved from the bedrock of the universe, dwarves endured an age of servitude to giants before winning their freedom. Their mighty mountain fortress-cities testify to the power of their ancient empires. Even those who live in human cities are counted …

  • Arkhan

    Born in a small village to a Bahamut Priestess and a local blacksmith, Arkhan spent his childhood training to follow his mothers path as a Priest to his god. When a rouge band Gruumsh worshiping Orcs attacked his village and razed their temple and …

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