Majestic Leader of Havenwood. He is a standing member in Khardins Order.


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Not much is known about Yasha’a past before he arrived in Havenwood 15 years ago. Very few Drow ever show up in the western lands.

Found wounded on the edge of town he was brought in and cared for by a local tavern keeper. Intelligent and well spoken, he was quickly accepted into the town and found himself soon sitting at the right hand of the local lord. Tragically, after a few years as the lords trusted advisor, the town suffered a brutal plague. Despite his best efforts and much research many, including the lord himself and his three sons, were lost.

In the aftermath of this terrible sickness the town was bereft with grief and despair. It was in the wake of this that Yasha finally found an answer. After days locked within his home, taking not food or company in the diligence of his work, he emerged with a cure for the illness. When he quickly organized a vaccination regimen and saved a large number of the remaining sick, it was clear to the people who should take over as leader. Despite his stigma of being a “Dark Elf”, the people rallied unanimously to his banner and placed him in command.

For over a decade since he has ruled his dominion with an even hand. His people are well cared for and business thrives, his laws upheld with great fervor and despite a few missing people reports crime is relatively low. Many consider him the savior of his land and his great fairness has earned him great respect in the region as a brilliant mediator and diplomat.

In the mirror:

After fleeing his homeland and wandering a foreign world for nearly a decade, Yasha found himself in the High Forest. On the outskirts of a small town he started a fight with a large camp of bandits. Though no bandits survived, he was wounded gravely. He used his injuries as a alibi to make his way into the town and begin securing himself a safe base of operations. It was then he reached back out to a kinship he had previously left behind, The Order.

Yasha is a long standing member in Khardins Order. His thieves and assassins now move undetected through the shadows of Havenwoods night time streets. He is known as a man who makes things happen and is in great standing amongst his peers and in the eyes of his master. He demands obedience and efficiency from those who work from him, rewarding success handsomely and punishing failure remorselessly.

He uses his standing as a Lord (a position he stole by secretly poisoning the towns previous ruler and all those whom he though might stand against him) to pass edicts and influence neighboring cities into unknowingly passing laws that benefit both the order and increase his standing and power within their ranks. His goal is nothing short of full control over the Order itself and he tirelessly researches their past and the internal structure of the organization to try and make his way to the top without revealing his true intentions to his unknowing enemies.


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