Dark Tiefling Rogue with high ambitions in Khardins Order


No crunch to be seen by mortals


Raised in the shadows by her outcast parents, Kirra learned at a young age that polite society would never accept her because of her Tiefling heritage.

Her natural talents led her easily into a life as a thief for hire. Her rage at her forced isolation gave her an edgy personality that made her sometimes more violent than needed but with the blind determination to always see her contracts through to the end.

In her travels she heard many whispers about a far reaching society of thieves and assassins silently working under the name of Khardins Order. Unlike most of the members, she actively sought to find a place there. Her searches were rewarded when she received a message from a local lord asking her to come to his court. It was here she found her new master.

As Yasha’s favored messenger and protege she soon found rank and status within the order, and in a way, a home where she was finally accepted.

She now seeks only to advance her standing within the order and appears fiercely loyal to her master and was rewarded for such with full member status within.


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