Young Avenging Paladin


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Born in a small village to a Bahamut Priestess and a local blacksmith, Arkhan spent his childhood training to follow his mothers path as a Priest to his god.

When a rouge band Gruumsh worshiping Orcs attacked his village and razed their temple and killing all inside, his life took a new path. Clutching his mothers holy symbol he claimed his grandfathers Warhammer and donned a suit of plate mail hand crafted by his father.

To become a Paladin, to have the strength to defend the weak and stop such crimes, to find justice as an instrument of Bahamuts laws, was all that filled his heart. With righteous purpose he set his feet towards Teirm to learn the way of holy knights.

After the temple accepted and trained him he was dispatched on his first mission, escorting Tordek to CouncilTown to meet with the Grand Council. It was there he was charged with a quest to head for Winterhaven, and there to discover what evil was stirring in the quiet, snow-dampened foothills. It was in this desolate place he found his purpose. He was to stop the Evil god Orcus from re-entering this world, at any price.


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