Runs the town of Jarg


Ran the ramshcakle town of Jarg. Had an 8-year old daughter Lynne and a brother named Knives.


Born to a Noble house, Vash lost his whole world to a fire that ravaged his home, killing all but him and his brother Knives. Forced into a life poverty with a younger brother to care for it was not long before Vash turned to crime.

At a young age his natural prowess with a sword and desperate but noble demeanor caught the eye of a low level enforcer in Khardins Order. Starting as a messenger boy and part time pick pocket he eventually grew in standing within the order until he to became an enforcer.

Ten years ago that changed. He had been given a contract to assassinate a young noblewoman as a warning to her father. His men set the building ablaze, and in that instant remembered the life he had lost the same way nearly twenty years before. He rushed the building and finding the girl unconscious inside carried her to safety. His men saw this and made to stop him, but those who stood against him fell to his wrath.

Escaping to his quiet cottage to the north he nursed her back to health, and in time the two fell in love. All seemed well and they were happy. Things may have stayed that way, but she began to have complications during the birth of their only child, and as Lynn was brought into the world, her motherly quietly left it.

A few months later there was a knock at the door. One of Vash’s men stood there badly wounded. As Vash had not completed his contract or returned to face punishment, it was his men who bore his sentence. It was then he knew his purpose. Under cover of darkness he traveled to Fallcrest to find what was left of his men. Their leader, Jarg Enrich, agreed to flee to Vash’s home and setup camp until the Orders fury abated.

Vash left Jarg in charge of what was becoming an ever growing camp of order runaways and the forgotten and unwanted of Fallcrest. The next few years he spent quietly nurturing and caring for his daughter.

Last year, Jarg passed away from fever. In his absence the loose collection of the lost began to unravel. Though Vash knew few of the men remaining in the camp as most of the able bodied had left, he did not wish to see them once again homeless. He worked out a work routine and schedule that let the people of his group collect money through begging and odd jobs while also building their homes and tending for the less able. Slowly, the tent disappeared and in their places became buildings. The hungry were fed and grew strong, and to work they brought in more more to take care of each other. Thus the town of Jarg was born.

All seemed well until the day the Order finally chose to claim payment for Vash’s treachery. Not much is known about the men who brought Vash’s reign to an end, just that they bore the Black armor of the Order, armor he had himself tossed away long ago. As his new life of freedom came to an end, the city that had sprung up around it came burning to the ground leaving only a smoking, ashen ruin to mark his final resting place.


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