Criminal Elements – The Story So Far

The Story So Far

The characters:
Kione – Human Cleric of Zehir and Cult Leader.
Drak – Dwarven Warlord with vengeance running through his veins.
Perrin and Lucien – Elven Rangers sworn to defend the forest no matter whose blood they have to spill.
Than – A Human Fighter who keeps a dagger handy in case he ever meets a certain man.

The Story:
Each arrested for a different crime, the five criminals are locked up in the prison mines of FallCrest. A low life prisoner named Knives discovers a way to escape and gathers his five cell mates to break out of the hell hole. The group pays off some guards to cause a disturbance as they make good on their escape.

After the breakout Knives takes the group of escapees to the nearby town of Jarg, a ramshackle town of misfits and vagabonds his older brother Vash runs. Once in Jarg the party learns that Vash is part of a criminal gang known as “The Order”.

Vash hires the characters to deal with some local guards who are harassing those under his protection. The Cleric, Rangers, Warlord and Fighter make quick work of the guards and return to Vash successful. Seeing the strength of the party, Vash hires them to infiltrate a nearby Wizard’s tower and retrieve an orb. He hints at the fact that he was sent to obtain the orb some time ago for a contract, but has thus far failed to do so.



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