Criminal Elements – Session 3

The Wizard's Tower

The party made its way to the nearby Wizard’s Tower. The small tower was deceivingly harmless looking, though as the party progressed through the tower they quickly realized the master of the tower had set traps on every level to deter intruders.

After a close encounter with gargoyles on the main floor, Than and Perrin had a disagreement while attempting to disarm a trap on the second floor. During the scuffle Than pulled a blade on Perrin just in time for the duo to spring the trap and the party was attacked by fire beetles. While sustaining heavy damage, the group stood triumphant over the swarm of fire beetles and just as our “heroes” breathed a sigh of relief, Perrin finished his argument with Than by placing an arrow in the Warrior’s chest. Kione ended the debacle once and for all by slitting Than’s throat and putting the warrior to rest. In this moment the four remaining members made a pact to stand together, only because together they have the strength to obtain their own goals.

Further up the tower the party dispatched a group of imps before retrieving the Wizard’s Orb as well as a few magical trinkets. When the group attempted to exit the Wizard’s Tower they found a curious Tiefling visitor was waiting at the front door for them. The Tiefling said that she was sent to retrieve the orb for her master and requested the group hand the orb over. After a brief scuffle the wounded Tiefling fled empty handed.

The group of four remaining heroes returned to Jarg to a distraught Vash who told the party the Tiefling, Kirra, was sent by his master Yasha to obtain the orb when Vash failed to do so. Yasha has requested the party bring the orb as ell as Knives to Havenwood. Yasha also sent along a Swordmage named William to assure that the group made it to Havenwood.

The group immediately set off for Havenwood, along the way repelled an attack by goblin brigands, now in the city, the group is waiting for an audience with Yasha.



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